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Fargo is an American comedy-drama with three seasons already under its belt with a fourth season coming next year. This series is an extension of the 1996 film properly named “Fargo” directed by The Coen Brothers ( Ethan Coen, Joel Coen). The series follows a similar feel and tone of the film but greatly expands on the idea of the film with hour-long episodes. The great thing about each season is that they tell their own stories with their own dramas and series of events with little easter eggs or cameos to connect to the bigger world. Any viewer can choose any of the 3 seasons to start without necessarily having to begin from Season 1. Although, I highly recommend watching the first season as I found it to be my favorite of the 3 but to each their own.

Various different story arcs of thrills, deception, and murder take place in or around snowy cold Minnesota. These stories all tend to mysteriously lead to Fargo, North Dakota. This series has an amazing ensemble of the cast from Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thorton, Ewan McGregor, Kristen Dunst to Chris Rock, Bob Odenkirk, Colin Hanks and many many more.